It’s a lower gear — a lower gear gives you more mechanical advantage. You’re pedaling faster but with less force.

Most of the time, when you talk about low and high gears you’re talking about gear ratios — the ratio between the number of teeth on your chain ring (in front) and the number of teeth on your back cog. If you’re in a low gear, your chain ring and cog are closer to being the same size, so the whole process is a little closer to walking. If you’re in a high gear, each turn of the pedal requires more force, but once you do turn that cog over you’re moving the bike a lot farther. Something like that.

I need a tune up but I have to steel myself for the condescension. Still working on that … though I just remembered that KT opened a bike shop and I could probably just look her up. Right.


I was biking home over the bridge tonight, as I am WONT, and first, I had this amazing revelation. On the first hill up, about halfway through, I was feeling really tired and was like, fuck it yall I’m going into an easier gear.” I have never done this on this hill before. It seems like an act of…